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International Echoes in Prague 2014

International Echoes in Prague 2014 are drawing near!!! On Friday 14th November you will have the unique opportunity to see the best FameLabbers of 2014 in action. You will witness talks on subjects like astrophysics, zoology, neuroscience and medicine. This scientific extravaganza will once again be hosted by Michael Londesborough.

The first event will start at 10:30 and will be repeated at 15:30 in the Marble Hall of the Clam-Gallas palace (Husova 20, Prague 1).

Entry to both events is free!!! All you have to do is register via email at

You can look forward to seeing to following FameLabbers:

  • Padraic Flood representing Benelux (plant genetics);

  • Anna Stockl from Germany (biology);

  • Marco Ferrigo from Italy (mathematics);

  • David Davila representing France (neuroscience);

  • Matyas Krijt from the Czech Republic (medicine);

  • Joanna Bagniewska from Poland (zoology);

  • Bogdan Ghiorghiu from Romania (astophysics).

We look forward to seeing you!!!

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