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Regional Heats

We currently hold two regional heats in the Czech Republic – in Prague and in Zlín. Both take place in March at the weekends in the afternoon. Specific dates will be announced in early 2015.


You will have the opportunity to choose your preferred heat in the application form. Please note that due to the limited capacity of the heats we cannot guarantee your preference will be met. Heat preferences will be treated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Wherever we are not able to comply with your stated preference, we will arrange transport to the venue.


We are happy to cover travel costs to and from the heat venue up to the price of an economy class public transport ticket. In order for us to be able to reimburse you for your trip, please bring your ticket along to the registration on the day.



You will be asked to give a three-minute presentation on a science topic of your choosing (this may or may not be your research). A gong will signal the end of the three-minute time limit. Props can be used as long as they are safe, not too messy and you can carry them on and off stage by yourself. The use of a projector is not allowed.


After you have finished your talk a panel of expert judges will ask you some questions about the subject you were presenting. When all contestants have presented there will be a short break during which the judges decide who will go through to the national final.


The regional heats are in Czech.



  • Content – The presentations MUST be scientifically correct. Any scientific inaccuracies will lead to disqualification.

  • Clarity – The structure of the talk should be clear and what you are saying MUST be understandable for a non-scientist.

  • Charisma – This is perhaps the toughest criterion to define and assess. The presenter should leave the audience and judges wanting to know more about the subject. The winner will be someone who is not only able to communicate science, but who can share their passion for it too.



It's not just the judges who get a say in who goes on to the national final. During the break when the judges are deliberating all members of the audience will be given the opportunity to vote (one vote per person) for their favourite. The contestant who gets the most votes automatically goes through to the national final in May.


For photos from our previous Regional Heats visit our

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