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National Final

The national final takes place in the first half of May. Finalists must prepare a NEW talk. It may be on the same topic, but must be recognizably different from the one you gave in the Regional Heat.


The rules and structure are the same as in the Regional Heats:

  • Each contestant gives a three-minute talk.

  • After the talk judges ask additional questions about the topic.

  • When all finalists have given their talks the judges decide who gets awarded which prize.



Thanks to our generous sponsors we were able to give out five prizes. Please note that the number of prizes is subject to change in the future.


  • National Winner Award - the main award of the night. The winner goes on to represent the Czech Republic at the international competition in Cheltenham in June.

  • Czech Academy of Sciences Award*

  • Joint British Council & NGO Adeto Award*

  • Czech Centers Award*

  • Audience Prize - the audience votes for their favourite performance (one vote per person). The contestant with the most votes receives this prize.


* With the exception of the National Winner there is no particular order in which the other prizes are awarded, i.e. no 2nd place, no 3rd place, etc.


Photos & videos from previous years:

  • National final 2011

  • National final 2012

  • National final 2013

  • National final 2014

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