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International FameLab

FameLab International is held annually at the beginning of June in the English spa town Cheltenham at the local science festival. Thanks to a partnership with the British Council FameLab is rapidly spreading across the globe with more and more countries joining every year. In 2014, 23 countries participated and this number is expected to grow in 2015.


Due to the number of countries there are two international semi-finals. From each one five contestants are chosen to go through to the international final. All FameLab International events are live streamed online.


Contestants are required to prepare TWO talks - one for the semi-final and one for the final. The talks may be on the same subject, but must be recognizably different.


At the International Final these prizes are awarded:

  • International Winner

  • Two Runner-ups

  • Audience Award - the audience votes for the winner of this award

  • FameLab Alumni Award - an award unique to FameLab International. Its winner is chosen by FameLab alumni from around the world.


The Cheltenham Science Festival is an amazing festival with a great atmosphere and some of the biggest names in science communication giving talks - Peter Higgs, Richard Dawkins, Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalili, Jim Gates and James Watson to name a few. FameLab gives this remarkable event an international dimension unrivalled by any other.


Photos & videos from previous years:

  • International FameLab 2011

  • International FameLab 2012

  • International FameLab 2013

  • International FameLab 2014

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