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FameLab Echoes

FameLab Echoes is a series of various events organized by the British Council in the Czech Republic after the competition part of FameLab has finished. These events always involve FameLab alumni in some way, but are not compulsory for them. The aim of these events is to give alumni the opportunity to further communicate science, network with other science communicators and bring FameLab to more people.


The two main events are the International Echoes of FameLab in Prague and the Czech Echoes of FameLab both of which take place in November and are a part of the Week of Science and Technology (the biggest science festival in the Czech Republic).


International Echoes of FameLab in Prague

Several amazing international finalists of the current FameLab cycle come to Prague to give their talks from the international final and/or semi-final in Cheltenham. The format of this event is very similar to the competition with a couple of differences. Firstly, there is NO competing. And secondly, because there is no competing and no judges, the audience has the chance to ask questions that interest them after each talk. The event is hosted by Dr. Michael Londesborough (FameLab judge and popular science communicator) and a co-host (usually a FameLab alumnus). 


  • International Echoes 2012

  • International Echoes 2013


Czech Echoes of FameLab

The Czech Echoes bring together as many finalists of the current FameLab cycle as possible and sees them return to the stage. However, this time they're not competing, but rather performing in a theatre play. And not just any play - a science play. What this means is that the three-minute talks you saw in the national final are connected together by a thrilling and funny storyline.


  • Czech Echoes 2011

  • Czech Echoes 2012

  • Czech Echoes 2013

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